We combine learning solutions with innovative technology and interactive learning contents with high quality services. We’re here to automate your traditional learning approaches to be more digital and efficient.


E-Book Design


We help you to prepare design and custom the training in an e-book template to meet your people development needs.


E-Learning Content


We use existing training materials in the form of power point or word. We develop an interactive storyboard, custom the content and make it alive.


Game Based Learning


Everyone loves to play a game. We develop series of games to attract employees interest about the content that they learn. It is interactive, adictive and fun learning approach, even for a serious topics.


Infographic Video


Do you need to socialize policies, company value or corporate cultures, etc through digital approach? We develop an infographic communication tools for your organization. You can socialize through web, portal etc whatever you want.


Recording Live Video


We record and edit a dynamic training video that can be place in your LMS for ensure participant can watch & learn anytime.

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